Unfair Fare an Individual’s Experience

unfair-fare-an-individual-experienceUnfair Fare

Taxation policies of the government determine the pattern of consumer behavior i.e. their investment on the consumption and saving, however their investment pattern reflects their way & standard of living. As we know that some policies are being made by the government to discourage the public to invest on the luxurious products to increase the saving to enhance the economy. But these policies have both negative and positive consequences. Living pattern of public reflects the standard of the country (shows how the economy of the country is). My study is not covering the all area economy but a very micro element of the economy which is being neglected by all of us. I will be focus on the local transport facilities inside the particular city of Nepal. This is the based on my personal observation, which I gained from by personal movement in the city during certain span of time. Why this happening is the matter of discussion. Let’s start with diagnosing the certain issue;


  1. Transport Facilities:Whenever you want to roam inside the city you will get variety of Private public Transport ( Private Buses (Min, Micro, Coasters), Tempoo ( Three Wheeler Diesel & Gas Operated, Kathmandu TukTuk), Taxis (Private Taxis), & Public Transport (SajhaYatayat, MahanagarYatayat) are easily available. But you will see less numbers of Private vehicles are running on the road except Motor bikes & cars of Private companies. But in contrast to our city & country other country not need to go far just take the example of India where we can see plenty of private cars are running over the roads.
  1. Pollution:In some country pollution control test is being conducted in every three month for the vehicles running on the road. The vehicles to be meet the parameter fixed by the authority, failing to meet won’t be allowed to run. But in our country I couldn’t see this, I don’t know why. In some country the vehicles has certain fixed life to run but I saw in our city very old vehicles are running without any hurdles. I don’t know why these vehicles are not taken into consideration which are the reason of hazardous event. During the 30 minutes of travel you will get the color changed of clothes. You will get your face, hair & body full of dust which cause you to fall sick if you are not a regular traveler.
  1. Fare:Although the fare for the particular distance has been fixed already by the transport authority but we generally find the criteria has not been followed or accepted, they generally charge higher fare. If you deny to pay will be the situation of deep argument and you may lose your respect. So many times I thought if I could complain about them but as a common man I used to get back to my normal position by thinking that the amount is very low.
  1. Occupancy Capacity: Every Vehicle has certain number of seats as per the factory design and permission granted by authority, but the seats in the vehicles are being increased by adding extra materials (stools and wood). Overloading of the passengers than the capacity is the result of accident which is the common in Nepal (Generally seen in the news). Although Government has taken strict strategy to control over the accident by checking the permit and the numbers of passengers carrying out. But we couldn’t see that its implemented in practices.
  1. Malfunctioning of Vehicles during operation: As I discussed before that most of the vehicles running on the roads are outdated, which to be thrown out from the city. Most of the times these vehicles are getting punchers, break fail, oil leakage during running on the road. They used to repair by keeping the vehicles a side on the road and we heard lots of accidents took place because of this. There is no facilities available to toe the vehicle and access to the designated place for repair & maintenance.
  1. Misuse of Zebra Crossing:Zebra crossing is for the pedestrians this is to be aware by the vehicles operator. Many vehicles are seen standing on the zebra crossing for pick and drop the passengers even in front of the traffic police standing over there. I think all stakeholders concerned to this issue needs briefing.
  1. Over Bridge, Under Pass:Rarely found in the city, although some places have these facilities but not properly utilized. Mostly these are used by the foot Path sellers &beggars, we found very narrow place for the pedestrians to use.
  1. Traffic Rules:As I go through the traffic rule books I found that the traffic rules of here is the best and matching international standard. But unfortunately it’s not fully adopted and being implemented by both the parties i.e. Travelers & Authority.
  1. Inappropriate Parking : You rarely see the parking facilities inside the valley.


Above all aspects I pointed out to just intimate you all about the Road and Transport condition of Nepal’s capital city. My Motive is not to figure out any weaknesses rather make you all to be alert while roaming within the city. Now I want to come on the exact issue of our article Unfair Fare for that I will tell you the happening in a Micro Bus in which I was one of the 15 Passengers.

On Saturday morning (Weekly Holiday), I woke up 8:30 and I planned to visit my friends and I took a micro bus for my destination (15km far from origin). The fixed fare by authority is Rs. 20, that I know and the said destination is my frequent visit place where I used to visit once in a week. As I told that I don’t want to be involved in any kind of deep argument. There was an argument going on between conductor & a passenger sitting beside the driver for the fare. The passenger seems well educated and knowledgeable about the rules, regulation and RTA policies. He was telling that the fare for his origin to destination is Rs13, where conductor was insisting for Rs.15. The passengers replied I will not give a single penny than the fare fixed and he also tried to inspire other passengers for not to be afraid if you are as per the law. I was smiling that he saw me through mirror fixed in front of the driver for seeing the back as I was just sitting behind him. He start to talk to me through the glass I replied by smiling and agreeing upon his every statement. After few minutes he got his destination and symbolically he said me goodbye, then we again started to move towards our destination suddenly another argument started between another passenger & conductor as he charged more Rs. 9 than the actual fare. This time, in the argument another passenger also support to discourage the conductor not to charge more than the actual. I realized, everyone is getting exploit but very few are raising the voice against the exploitation. Now it’s my turn to pay, and I had to pay indeed Rs.5 more than the actual. If I could oppose his such behavior, but I didn’t want for myself.


Fuel v/s Fare:

Price of fuel is determined by the suppliers internationally which is beyond the control of our government. Price of Fuel & Fare has positive relationship, when price of fuel increase fare also increase but in higher proportion. When price decrease fare never decrease or decrease in very negligible proportion, which is giving the challenge to various economics theory.

  • Price of Fuel Determined Internationally, beyond the control of Government but Government also trying to provide to public in reasonable price even in less price than the purchased price. For that hundreds of thousands losses are being covered by Government.
  • We rely on Third party supply, we generally suffer the scarcity of fuel in the market which create the existence of black market, smuggling & unacceptable price. The Public Transport in this situation found very low but demand by the passengers is as before, which create situation to pay fare as asked.
  • Fare increase before the price of fuel increase in the market but never decrease if price decrease or price not increase as anticipated.



Concession & Fare:

As the daily life of people of the city depend on the public transport government has made the policy to provide the facility to the certain group of the society on concession price i.e. students & senior citizen, for which they should provide the proof upon demand. But the concession rate is not well aware by both the party, even aware but not implemented correctly. The conductors are even not so much educated to read the matter inside the ID card. I have seen that a conductor was asking with the 70 years old lady that in which college she is studying.


There is dark side also, some people are presenting fake ID proof to get benefited of the policies.


  1. The Government should make flexible & liberalized taxation policies to reduce the market cost of the vehicles for the individual. The cost of vehicles in neighbor country is three time lower than the price of our country. I agree that the government is discouraging to use the more vehicles for safe guard of the economy but there is also another point of thoughts i.e. necessity & requirement.
  2. No facilities available like Metro rail and railway, road ways is only the means of transporting so the roads are to be wider & concreted.
  3. Underpass & Over bridge to be made available to safeguard the pedestrians and avoid unnecessary jam & blockage.
  4. Regular inspection of the vehicles to be done by the RTA for pollution & accidental event control.
  5. Awareness of traffic rules & safety to be promoted.
  6. Eco friendly vehicles to be introduced.

Care & Career an unexplained interlink


Whenever these two words come in front of us, spontaneously our mind start to direct us towards something which is inexplicable element, because these two different words belong to different perspective of life, i.e. first one care belongs to personal life where career belongs to professional life. In most of the cases reason behind being failure in the life found that people used to mix these two lives ambiguously.

Think you are a good son who always obeys the instruction of your parents, a perfect husband, an incredible father, you have a perfect family. You love them, you care for them, you try to make them happy by fulfilling their desire by being a good student(For parents), a good professional, and you are earning good, affording all household expenses, making money and property, taking them to the vacation. These all are the part of your life.

What if your family is waiting for you on the dinner and you are busy in the office till late night, they waited a lot and slept without having their meal? Are you a good professional? Think for a while and let me know. If you want my interpretation about you I must say No, You are not. This is generally happening in the life of professional but you must have to manage your time and balance your both the life. Your family sacrificed that because they care you, you did that because you care your career. Now the point came right? Where you mixed these two words together, you mixed up your both the life. When you mixed both there will be chance to emerge dissatisfaction, conflict, sorrow, & dishonesty. I m not suggesting you to be a paragon for all but you can be for your family at least by making them feel that they are important for you. You shouldn’t be a cynical in the eyes of family members.

Let me tell you some words of renowned sources about these two words;

Oxford Dictionary – Care refers to as Attention, concern & responsibility

  • Being attentive towards the matter that exist into your vicinity.
  • You are concern to your family, friends, peers group, society
  • You feel the genuine responsibility towards your stakeholders

You are standing for whom those need you. As an Individual you need to care about all those mentioned above doesn’t matter of their belongings either from your professional life or personal life.

Oxford Dictionary – Careers refers to as Occupation, Profession & Involvement

  • To move rapidly straight ahead especially in an uncontrollable way
  • Sky has limits (Doesn’t believe on limitation or boundaries)


Career is the word generally used to drop in the ear when child start to understand the words of his/her surroundings. Its commonly seen that the children are being asked by the guardians, parents relatives that what he want to be in future, the reply of the questions are spontaneously used to receive, even though the replies are being influenced, inspired, instructed & directed by the parents and elders of the family. Most of the children careers are being decided by the family and investment are carried out accordingly even though the plans are quixotic.

Care & Career at different span of Life….

  1. Born (0 to 5 years): More Care are given to the baby, all family members are considering the baby as ornament. The care level is at peak. The love, affection and warmness by the family make baby feel that he/she is in the secure hand.
  2. Childhood (5 to 13 years): Baby start to recognize with the behaviour shown. Parents start to plan for the future of the baby from their seeding of the career take place. In this stage;
  • Allowing children to play outside the boundaries of home to make them gregarious.
  • Admission in the schools ( Nowadays admitting children at the age of 3 are common but still most if the family prefer to get admission of their child at the age of 5 in Asia (Especially India & Nepal)
  • Instruction for what to do and don’t are being provided
  • Children start to feel and learn the behaviour of people, nature of society, tradition, culture & costume
  • Care is still in the peak level and rout of the career has been planted along with
  • At the end of this phase children are being provided the opportunities to interact with the other actors/ know other actors of the society directly or indirectly i.e. shop keepers, friends, police, neighbour, entertainer, etc
  1. Teenage (13 to 19 years): Thinking, understanding, self-centeredness qualities are naturally grown up in this stage.
  • Ability to think what is wrong and right but need proper counselling
  • Important stage of physical changes, mental curiosity, & self-actualization may required support of all surrounding group
  • Parents need to more care about the career of their children.
  • This is the cross point of the Care & Career where both are in balanced point.
  • Unbalance between these two may lead failure in life.
  • Educational phenomenon are taken into high consideration
  • Parents are more attentive towards need, wants, necessity and desires of the children (Unnecessary factors are avoided through proper counselling)
  1. University/College Life/Initial stage of careers (20 to 25 years): Now the baby become the legal citizen of the country. Now they are legal rights to do the things allowed in the constitution of the country. Care from the parents is still enough but now parents allow the people to live the life as per his/her comfort.
  • Career is the main factor in this stage because that is only the way to survive.
  • Level higher education, lead the people to get the appropriate way of earning.
  • Career after university graduation will be in initial stage, where people are naive (far away from the practical knowledge), they need to learn more, enthusiasm to be high level, dedication and contribution to the work to be high.


  1. A perfect Life: This is the outcome stage of your dedication, contribution, investment done in your previous stages.
  • Now man have a family, spouse, parents and baby
  • You are giving more time to the career to earn to survive and betterment of the family
  • Earning is high, expenses also high
  • Cares to parents and family are in top priority but rely on career
  • Unbalance and ill- management of Care & Career lead you to become failure
  • You will face variety of unexpected situations and issues; you required to be a broad minded and capable rather parochial & inept.



Care & Careers are two parts of a coin, care of the parents make children a successful professional. A Successful career leads a man to survive in a standard level. A standard lifestyle gives the birth of good care.

You Get Care from your parents – You reached to a progressive career – A career gives you the means to survive – Means leads you to take good care of your old parents and family (Spouse & Children).

Mechanism To Manage 2P of Life – This Article will be uploaded soon.


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