Does Social Media Enhance an Individual to be hired??

Lots of professionals seeking an opportunity to embark their career with a better platform experiencing difficulties in finding better sources. His intellect used to roam around the possible network and which are being segmented as;

  1. Personal Contact : Friends & peers,Ex-colleagues, and friends of friends
  2. Public Contact : Nowadays social media helps people to unseen people to be a friend and that is expecting a great achievement of an individual.

while I was surfing my network I came to see a update posted by on of my network friend which are as it is copied below;

“I have spent almost a month on LinkedIn, desperate for a new job. Mind you, I have taken this platform very seriously.

People who accept my requests, don’t respond to my job queries and some just end up without answering.

I’m definitely okay with you not wanting to do me a favour. I will also politely apologize if my queries annoy you. But seriously, if this as a platform doesn’t allow for us to look for a job; I don’t understand what people are really expecting from us.

We all begin from the bottom. Why have people become so hesitant to help us out?

Truth be told, we not only look for a job but also a kind mentor.”

Garima Singhal

After seeing the comment on her update I realised that people never try to leave the chance to show their superiority and the thought of being a philosopher. They are raising the question on her unique selling point, her talent and her potentiality.


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