Participating in Job fair in Management College to hire the candidates for my company

Presume result of your Conduct – 1

‘The interaction between interviewer and interviewee are misunderstood that, the process is only for selection or rejection of interviewee but the fact is the second party is also in position to judge the capabilities of the first party.’

Call for an interview depends on the facts given in the resume of the job seeker, how professionally led out, and comply with relevant facts and figures of the requirements of the position. The procedures of recruitment and selection may varies as per the nature, size, policy and set standard of the establishment, but they are finally intended to acquire best possible and suited talented of the position

Its felt that  most of the well experienced and deserving candidates are unable to crack the interview, why?

The bitter truth is Judgemental interview which creates the situation of above issue. The predetermined decision of selection is the big injustice for the person who has just completed college degree and seeking a platform to start career.

The doubt may emerge in the naive about the existence of this aspect of interview because he/she has never been taught in the university about this dark side portion of first step of the career, but its agreed by the professional during his/her initial phase of the career.

Nepotism, favouritism cronyism

Do you have any relatives in the organisation who has recommended for you? Are you affiliated to any group known to the the panel members? Do you have any friends or ex-colleagues working in the companies? These are the common questions have very special place in the job application form of most of the company. You can realise why these questions have this much preference, only the reason is to attack on the professional ethics. If these has no importance in the interview process as it is being disclosed by the recruiter that these answer will have no effects on the process of hiring.

These three elements are big issue in the today’s corporate culture creating unfair hiring, placement, socialisation and appraisal, and growth of individual. These are the things which creates high employees turnover.

To be continued……


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