Heart Beats on Professional Platform

Introduction :

Beats of heart fluctuates at different span of time, varies as per the natural as well as artificial environment. Natural consist, weather and geographical structure where artificial consists behaviour and happening of surrounding. Physical movement and thoughts are the key to different aspects which affect on our heartbeats. The beats of our hearts not remain constant in the all situation, its varies  on our psycho-physio condition, e.g.  happiness, excitement, sadness, anger, exhausted, tiredness, frustration. The unbalanced psychological & physical condition leads hypertension and hypo-tension, causes attack. The well educated but unemployed youth taking stress all the time, may lead them on the bed of hospital as their psycho aspect are only working.

Professional Platform:

Here we assume the place where a professional has a chance to speak, demonstrate his/her public relation skills and potentiality  to attract mass towards him/her. A symposium, professional meeting (Client meeting, board meeting, stakeholder meeting), seminar, community events are the few examples of the platform. For a student school’s annual function’s stage, for a business trainer a training class room or individual corporate conference hall, for a politician a political rally are the key stage where he/she will have chance to make the people towards the favour of his/her success. A platform for anyone is not easy access until and unless he/she posses a special qualities. The gifted plat form has very short long life than the earned platform. Earned is the backed by the name, fame, talent, dedication and followers where gifted are as the prince has crowned because of heredity. Most of the talented people compel to live in the bush because they were not given chance to exposed, but some dramatically come in the light and start shining in the world because he/she is the fortunate of being the successor of his/her shined ancestor. A politician’s son can be a chief minister in just very first attempt of democratic election, A son/daughter of star shouldn’t struggle to get chance to act in film, a bankers relatives shouldn’t worry to establish in the corporate world. The very first challenge for a common people in his/her life is to get right platform.

  1. Retention of Platform 

The platform provided to anyone does not seems its copy wright to whole life until and unless he/she doesn’t able to maintain the set standard, which is also in progressive direction as the time elapsed. A holders should have improve gradually in his/her quality regularly be in the choice of his/her followers. To keep stable in the platform he/she should;

  • be updated him/herself with innovative ideas, knowledge, thoughts, philosophy
  • be upgraded with innovative technology
  • be able to deliver the fruitful counselling
  • be upgraded with impressive delivery technique
  • be able to create new followers and stakeholders

To be continued……….


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