Liberalized Policies To Reduce Crime

Going beyond the prescribed parameter is considered as unacceptable action, a crime, a punishable offence. Designed parameter is a key to balance society, direct stakeholders to run on the accepted path. In a beurocracy, an intentional or unintentional mistakes are considered as a crime, however the level of crimes are not considered as identical. Simply, the act violating law is called crime. Crime leads vandalising of physical properties, negative impact on psychological & social value, cultural demolition & threatening of human safety.

Wooden justice gavel and block with brass

Human perception towards the approach to reduce crimes are conflicting, one group are favour to sentence strict punishment, such as life prisonment, death sentence, high monetary penalties and so on, where another prefer to find alternative ways, so called liberalised way. In my opinion,  the first group attitude towards the way to reduce the crime is not suited in all the cases rather increasing awareness, teaching and preaching spiritual & ethical value,educating, and providing opportunity to earn and survive, which are main causes of committing crime.

Firstly, the long life prisonment and death sentences can be reliable and most effective punishment ( note that its against the law of some country in which death penalty related terms will not be introduced in the constitution ever in future, e.g. Nepal) in some cases where there is the threats of national safety, social safety and human rights. It can be most frightened, scary & discouraging components to prevent people to commit crime. In serious offence such as murder, betraying to home country, & playing with the country safety, life prisonment is the perfect punishment, where criminals will not be activated again to recommit the same.

However, in prison, prisoners are given opportunities to learn, earn and socialised. The policies for enhancement the life of prisoners are being introduced by the company, which is directed to rehabilitate the people to survive in the society when return after the term.Some times its heard that the prisoners are not treated well in the jail, they are not provided the basic things properly, to control over such human right violation various INGO & NGO are operating in each company who enforce the government to act according to international level and treaty signed internationally.

Only implementing strict policies to punish is not the best way to minimize the crime rate. If its reliable then why not all intellectual countries are adopting, and reducing the crime rate. For general information we can take the example of some Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait & other middle east countries where rules and punishment for violating rules are very strict. In 2016 only, 134 accused have been given death sentences, which reflecting that there were 134 cases were serious in that particular year. Addition to that there may be hundreds of cases may be in hearing process, what does this trend reflect that is, only making strict rules and its implementation for the shake to safeguard conservative and traditional view is not the enough rather increasing the awareness about the rules and consequences of violation. Directing society to conservative and non-transparent era and expecting to reduce crime by delivering strict punishment is only a day dream, unrealistic, & non-reliable.

In contrary to above, liberalized punishment policies are key to reduce the crime. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ to be accepted. We should able to guide our successor, so that he can think hundreds of time before doing any unethical things. We should make them capable to identify what is wrong & what is right, what to do & what not to & what are the consequences of their each steps.

As per the research conducted in various span of time, crimes are emerged because;

  • They are not well aware of the constitution of their country and country of residents.
  • They are isolated from society (ignored by the society and family)
  • They are not provided the opportunities to be educated.
  • They are not provided the source to earn to survive.
  • Unaware of religious tolerance & ethical value
  • Chaotic life style

Thus, to make country free from crime, the government should educate their public, make their people to be social, mental, physical & financial fit, so that they will be attracted towards productivity & creativity to survive in the society respectfully.


In essence, crime can be committed unintentionally or intentionally, for both there should not be a same parameter to punish. On the basis of nature of offence, punishment can be both life prisonment, death penalty as well as liberal. However to reduce the crime, the responsible bodies to educate and direct their misguided citizen through seminar, workshop & talk, so that they can be a perfect citizen and shave themselves from committing any crime.




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